August 2017 Newsletter

Mater Dei Child Care Center Parent Newsletter

August 2017

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Closed on August 18 (Friday) – We close every year the Friday before MD School begins so that the floors can get waxed and some deep cleaning/painting can be done.  If you have time to help that day, see Margaret.  We can always use extra hands in projects.

Pre-Kindergarten News – Pre-Kndg program at MD School begins Aug. 29.  Ms. Pam will go with our children and stay with them each time (Tues-Fri).  Then on Mondays the class stays here with Ms. Pam.  The new teacher for Pre-K at MD School is Ms. Delphine Anguiano.  The class will attend an afternoon session this year due to opening a 3 year old group for the morning only.  Our Pre-K children from the center will eat lunch here, brush teeth, potty, and take a rest before going over by 12:30PM.  Direct questions to Pam.

After school program moves to the school.  School Day Out program remains here.

Yearly Enrollment FeeThis $50 fee is assessed every year on August 1 if your child has been in attendance one year.  The money helps to pay for the insurance we carry on the children.  If you are set up for automatic withdrawal, then we will charge your account.

Welcome –  Theo Audo, toddler, and family; Emerson Rose, toddler, and family.

Great Topeka Duck Race begins –  The Sertoma Clubs of Topeka are sponsoring the duck race again for the 22nd year. As a non-profit organization, the center has signed up to help them and in turn it helps us raise money for projects (chairs). The race is Sept. 16 at Lake Shawnee.  Go to and look for our name to adopt a duck online.  Can also mail it in or return it to Margaret. There is a 50% return on each duck adopted out.  Ducks are still $5 each or a family of 5 is $20 or a flock of 12 is $50 or an oodle (27) of ducks is $100 donation.  Sertoma provides hearing aids & batteries for life to the hearing-impaired elderly through many local organizations.  See the attached flier and our community.  More are available in the office.  Thanks.

Summer Camp for School-Aged – Last day of camp will be August 17.  We thank Mrs. Cath, Sibal, Katie, Mona, Anna, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Aziza for all of their help and patience.  It takes a village to run a camp.  Mrs. Joan will finish the camp after Mrs. Cath leaves for her full time job.  Come see us next summer!

Discount on Tuition – Any family who recommends us to a new family will receive a one time only $50 reduction on their tuition.  The new family must enroll.  We appreciate the recommendation.  One family has received the discount so far.

Community Service – Corita’s Corner is an organization that feeds the hungry 5 days a week downtown.  It is named after Sr. Corita who was the principal of Assumption School years ago.  They are in need of small bags of potato chips by mid month.  And they can always use lunch sized brown paper bags.  I want the children to decorate them before we send them over.  If you can donate either item, please do so.  They really like the chips and bags from Sam’s Club.  Due date is August 17 this month.

Germ Prevention Parents need to wash the child’s hands with warm water/soap upon entering the center.

Dressing the children –  Tie shoes are not appropriate at this level. Elastic waistbands are appropriate for potty training.

August Birthdays –   Ms. Susan, 4th; Mrs. Melissa, 9th; Gemma, 9th; Jack R., 24th.Stop by office for your birthday gift.

Preschool Floor –  11 openings.

Toddler Town –  3 openings.

Child Care Aware – We have been accepted into the grant again through CCA.  We are grateful.  We receive free in services, free coaching, and $300 per classroom for books/toys at the end of the 18 months.  There will be some paperwork that needs your attention for the grant.  Support them please.

Jesus Time –  We will go to church on August 9, 9AM, to read a story about Jesus, sing to Jesus, practice our prayers, and manners in church.

Clorox Wipes – Thank you for your donations of Clorox wipes over the year.  Your donations keep costs down as well as keep our surfaces clean.

Notification– My door is always open if you have questions about your child’s progress or the program.

Call the office when changes occur in the family including illness, job changes, new home or family changes.  Tell Margaret as soon as the diagnosis is made.  If your child is sick during the night, stay home 24 hours after the last event.   If your child is going to be absent for the day, call and leave message for Margaret by 9:00AM for safety reasons.  We must account for all the children each day. If issuing a complaint, the line of authority should be followed.  The teacher should know the issue.  A conference will be set up with the director and parties involved.  If the issue cannot be resolved, the Council may be consulted, but the final authority is the Pastor of Mater Dei Parish.  Thank you.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – Any parent with a young child up to age five years can sign up to receive new books at no cost.  The books are mailed to your home address each month.  Use the following web address to sign up:

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