April 2017 Newsletter

Mater Dei Child Care Center Parent Newsletter

April 2017



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Easter Egg Hunt – Holy Thursday, April 13, 10:00AM, will be our annual egg hunt.  Depending on weather, we prefer to hunt outside.  One class at a time with the toddlers going first is the order. Parents are welcome to come and assist. Ask your child’s teacher if you should bring a basket or if she is making them. We were given empty eggs after Easter last year so we have plenty. Need your help with Easter candy or small toys which fit in the eggs.  Bring candy to the office please.  The Easter Bunny and I will fill them.  Photos will be taken with the Easter Bunny also that day.  J


Week of Young Child – April 24-28

Monday (Music) – Have invited the Mater Dei Drumline to come over.  Children will play our instruments with them.

Tuesday (Tasty) – For afternoon snack we will have ice cream sundaes by design.

Wednesday (Work Together) – We will have our monthly tornado & fire drills and start the anniversary book.

Thursday (Artsy) – We will finish our 30th Year Anniversary Book which will be on display in the lobby and make cards for all grandparents.

Friday (Family) – All grandparents are invited for a special afternoon treat at 3PM in each classroom and receive their cards and a song or two. If any parents would like to help with any of our events for the week, please see Margaret.


Closed on Good Friday, April 14.  Have a joyous Easter weekend with family.


Germ Prevention – In light of this past flu season, we are starting a new procedure of having the parent wash her child’s hands with warm water/soap upon entering the center.  You may use any of the sinks.  And as teachers move from room to room, they will wash their hands when entering a different classroom.  Hand washing remains the best way to cut back on spreading germs to one another.


30th Anniversary for MDCCC – Thirty years ago this year, our building was transformed into our child care center. Our celebration will be on Friday, June 16, 3PM, with a mini-carnival in conjunction with our Father’s Day celebration.  Three parents have signed up for the committee.  More parents are welcome.  All of the staff will be involved also.  Save the date.


After School Program –  Next SDO days are April 13 and 17.  Sign up upstairs.


Summer Camp for School-Aged – Our new teacher is Catherine Dietrick. She is a para for special education in the public system.  She goes by Mrs. Cath. Sibal Sabbarini will be her assistant. Camp starts May 30 after Memorial Day.  Last day is August 17 (late this year due to Catholic schedule).  Rate has increased by $1 each week.  Either $132 for 7-12 weeks or $137 for 1-6 weeks.  Forms are ready in my office.  Deadline is May 15.


Welcome –  Anna Valdivia and parents, preschool 1, in June.  Mrs. Catherine Dietrick, camp teacher.


Dressing the children – Parents, please send your children in pants with elastic. One child asked me to help him unbutton his pants so he could potty.  Another child could not get her jean hook undone and peed in her jeans.  Most of the kids are still in a phase of potty training and we want them to be self-reliant as much as possible.  It builds their self-esteem.  No belts please. Shoes need to be easy to slip off and on.  Tie shoes are not appropriate at this level.  They become lose and then the child trips and we have an accident.  One child got his shoelace stuck in a bicycle and that was not good either.  That kind of hand coordination comes later.  Most kindergartners cannot tie yet.  Socks are a must.  No bare feet here until summer settles in. Appreciate your cooperation.


Books for April –  So many books to pick from in spring. After you read the words on a page, ask the child a question like what feelings do you see in the faces of the characters? Let the child turn the page.  Teach your child how to turn it gently so as to not rip it.  Teach the child how to respect books.  Do not stand on them etc. Memorizing the story is early reading. Reading pictures is beginning reading.  If your child likes a particular book, read it as often as he will sit with you.  Put feeling into your voice as you read. Reading to a child is so rewarding for both parties.


Kansas Quality Rating & Improvement System (KQRIS) –  We have been in a pilot program through KQRIS for a year.  The pay off is $1800 to be used in some way to improve the center.   The new tables/chairs are super.  One room got new chairs.  Now we need new chairs for the other 2 classrooms.  A fund will be started for that purpose.


April Birthdays –  Liam Mushock, 3rd; Jackson Remigio, 11th; Jaylin Samples, 14th.  Stop by office for your birthday gift.


Preschool – Two openings in Pre-Kndg.


Toddler Town –  Three openings.


Thank Yous – Gross family and Hanika family raked and bagged dead leaves at the center.  Many thanks!   We are continually helped by Shawn Hillebert, Jonathan Mushock, Dale Kirmer, and Daniel Gomez.  Daniel set up all of our new tables in one evening.  We are thankful.


Jesus Time – Wednesday, April 12, 9AM, in church.  We will pray the Stations of the Cross, practice our prayers, church manners, and sing church songs with the preschoolers.


Clorox Wipes – Thank you for your donations of Clorox wipes over the year.  Your donations keep costs down as well as keep our surfaces clean.


Toy‘s Guideline – Toys brought to the center come at its own risk.  Children will not be made to share it.  The center will not be responsible for any lost or broken toys from home.  Any problems caused by the having the toy here will result in the teacher taking it away and returning it to the parent at the end of the day, or doing away with the privilege entirely.


Signing In & Out – Please don’t forget to sign in and out each day.  Write your initials under the time on the form. And on Fridays total the number of hours your child has been in care for the week. Round it.  Then write your signature on the appropriate blank next to your child’s name.  This is a new requirement from one of our funding agencies.


Notification– My door is always open if you have questions about your child’s progress or the program.  Call the office when changes occur in the family including illness, job changes, new home or family changes.  Some contagious illnesses have to be reported to the health department.  Other parents need to know what symptoms to watch.  Illnesses are kept confidential.  Tell Margaret as soon as the diagnosis is made. Part of my job is to keep the children well.  If your child is sick during the night, stay home 24 hours after the last event. If your child is going to be absent for the day, call and leave message for Margaret by 9:00AM for safety reasons.  We must account for all the children each day.


Guidelines for Illnesses –  Exclusion from care should be at least 24 hours for illnesses after the medication has started.  If you are not sure what to do, it’s usually best to stay home for the day.  When a child becomes ill while at the center, the teacher comforts the child then seeks the advise of the director before calling the parent at work.


Child Care Aware Literacy Program – There will be forms to fill out for the grant occasionally.  These forms help us to get to know your child also.  Please fill them out and return them to Margaret as quickly as possible.  The agency gives us many benefits:  free coaching; free inservices for staff; $300 of free books and toys.  We are grateful.  Support CCA.


Bingo at Hayden with Mater Dei –  Come play Bingo with Mater Dei hosting any Monday night at Hayden High, 7PM. Great family fun!  If you would like to volunteer, call Corey Everett at 785-414-0946 or email materdeibingo@gmail.com.  They are in need of volunteers.


Wish List for Center –  paint coloring pattern under windows on south side of building,  lay screening over window well on north side of building, new chairs for 2 preschool classrooms, lay new tile in basement.  If you can help with any of these projects, let Margaret know.


Scholastic Book Orders –  Order online for easier service if you wish.  Use our code on letter.  Cannot beat their prices.  Each level has a different magazine.  We get points from all the orders and then we cash in for more books for the center.  Books make great gifts.


Trash Bags for Sale at school.


A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason; to always be busy with something; and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.“  Paulo Coelho